On Saturday the 7th of July 2007, His Eminence Archbishop Hilarion, Chief Deputy President of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR, pontificated at a solemn celebration of the Western Rite Divine Liturgy to mark the centenary of the decision of the Holy Synod of Russia to authorise the adaption of services taken from the Book of Common Prayer for use by Orthodox people.

The day began with the Liturgical Reception of the Archbishop in the Nave of Saint Mary-the-Virgin church. Archbishop Hilarion was accompanied by his Chaplain, Fr. Seraphim Scheidler.

Matins was sung by Fr. Michael and Fr. Barry and the choir while the Archbishop vested assisted by Fr. Dcn John. This was followed by the Divine Liturgy.

The celebrant of the Solemn Liturgy was Fr. Michael, Superior of Saint Petroc Monastery, Cascades. The Deacon was Fr. Barry Jefferies, of Saint Stephen Monastery Mission, Launceston and the Sub Deacon was Fr. Dcn. John Whiteside of the Antiochian Orthodox Good Shepherd Mission, Clayton.

The Clerk for the Liturgy was Dr. John Ward of Saint Dyfan Monastery Mission, Hobart. The Deacon brought the Sacrifice from the Lady Chapel in the Offertory Procession.

Fr. Michael read the Last Gospel in the course of the Recession. The ceremonial for the "English Liturgy" is Sarum, taken from the ROCOR Saint Colman Prayer Book.

The singing was led by Sub Deacon Peter Ball of Saint Dyfan Mission and he was assisted by Anastasia Baines of Saint Dyfan Mission.

At the end of the Liturgy, Archbishop Hilarion, assisted by Fr. Barry, distributed the Eulogion to the congregation.

The Archbishop, clergy and some members of the congregation then went to lunch at a nearby seaside restaurant.