LONDON, 7th March, 2007. On Friday the 2nd a dozen men gathered at the Granary in Hawkinge, Kent, for a retreat hosted by the Saint Eanswythe Orthodox Study Society.

The retreat was organised by Mr. Eadmund Dunstall, the Secretary of the Society, assisted by Mr. John Bruckin, both from nearby Folkestone. The retreatants came from Kent, Manchester, London, France, the USA and Tasmania.

The retreat was conducted by Fr. Michael, the superior of Saint Petroc Monastery (ROCOR), assisted by Fr. Barry. The theme of the long weekend was “Responding to God, Becoming at one with God’s Will”. Fr. Michael gave a series of seven talks over the weekend in the somewhat relaxed atmosphere of the Common Room. These talks progressed through the ways that we respond to God, the ways that are recorded in Holy Scripture, with particular reference to the Psalmist, and the ways that we respond today, to the concept of becoming fully aligned with God’s will. He explored the latter aspect both in the national; and Church levels, but primarily a the individual level, introducing the audience to the principles involved.

The days were interspersed with quiet periods of reflection, during which retreatants could seek counsel or confession with Fr. Barry, and the Offices which were done in a temporary chapel off the Common Room.

During clear weather, the coast of France could be seen from the windows of the Granary, and members could go for walks along the ridge path behind the Granary with views across the downs and the sea to France.

On Saturday and Sunday the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the nearby church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Capel-le-Ferne.